I have made some candles ;D They’re for sale here!

In my previous post I talked about how I had some glaze defect problems with my last firing. The glaze defects made these otherwise beautiful pieces not food safe. Thankfully my mom gave me the great idea to make candles out of them instead. Turn the lemons into lemonade if you will, and cute lemonade at that 🙂

I love how these candles turned out and I’m sure I will continue to work on my candle making skills in the future. They are made of soy wax. Some of them are scented with essential oils and some are unscented. I think this citrus scented one is my favorite in both looks and scent.

Besides the candles I am currently working on some shot glasses and drinking cups for the Cheeseburger in Caseville festival. The plan is to set up a little stand at the Wooded Island Sports Grill like last year. I will be there selling in the afternoon/evenings on the 17th, 18th and 19th next month. Hopefully the shot glasses I’m working on will turn out, but no matter what I have some great pieces I’m hoping to find new homes for 🙂 I’ll put out more info as the festival gets closer. Thanks for the support and much love <3

New Work and Annoying Pottery Problems

I ran a glaze firing in my electric kiln last week. I’d say I got mixed results, but ended up with some nice pieces and lots of information. The new functional ware is up in the shop here. This bowl mug is by far my favorite this time 🙂

I would say I got mixed results because I’m dealing with some common potter problems. When you run a glaze firing there are a number of things that can go wrong. Two of the most common glaze defects are pinholes and blisters. I have been seeing both on my work and it’s super frustrating. I put in a lot of time and effort creating my pieces and carefully glazing them. When I open up a freshly fired kiln only to see glaze defects it’s disheartening.

For example, I created two pitchers for this last firing.

They both ended up having gorgeous glaze combinations, but they have too many defects for me to feel comfortable selling them due to major blistering on the inside and out.

On the one hand, cool I get a couple of pretty pitchers to use personally. On the other hand, I want to smash them in my frustration! Unfortunately it was more than just these two pitchers that came out of the kiln blistered. Fortunately, a lot of the other work is usable in one way or another. I don’t like to sell work with lots of glaze defects if it’s going to be used for food or drink. It isn’t a big deal if the work is more decorative though, like vases and the candles I am working on.

So, after the initial disappointment of things not turning out the way I had hoped I went into research mode. I don’t need to go into all the details here. Glaze firing is more complected than one might think, even in an electric kiln. Suffice it to say, I now have a plan for the next glaze firing that I think will reduce/eliminate the pinholes and blisters. I will probably always be learning more in this craft, but ultimately the mistakes only push me to improve.

Looking forward I have plans for another pit firing in a week or so. I think the candles that are in the works will be pretty neat. I’m also thinking of making more mugs, bowls, cups, vases, pitchers and the like. I’m just going to keep moving forward!

Thanks for the support <3