About Kayci

Updated: 04/17/2018

My name is Kayci Stanley and I am an artist and craftsperson. I like to describe myself as such not because I’m into “arts and crafts” per se, at least not in the elementary school way some might think. I say artist and craftsperson because I was taught, long ago, that there is a difference between the two. The former being more a form of expression and the latter being more of a dedication to craftsmanship and function. That is not to say the two don’t overlap at times, but both are meaningful titles that I try to live up to in their own respects.

I earned a bachelors degree in Art with an emphasis in Ceramics from Central Michigan University in the fall of 2009. Since then I have been doing my best to continue working on my art and craft. It has been a rocky road for me pursuing my love of art and craft as an adult, but I have never lost my desire to make a career out of the things I am most passionate about. I strive to be ever improving as a potter and painter and I look forward to seeing where my creativity takes me in life.

In the past I have pulled much inspiration from nature and natural things. I’ve painted abstracted scenes of nature in an attempt to show people the wonder I see in the natural world. I have also brought nature into my pottery, be it in the firing method or through some sort of decoration on a piece.

I’m sure I will always be inspired by nature and that will continue to be a theme I regularly return to in my work.  In my pottery, function and form have become ever more important to me as I’ve progressed. I’m always pushing myself to make my functional wares more clean, light and comfortable to use. I like to mix it up and add some fun and whimsy to my more decorative work.

As far as my personal life, I am a very happily married 33 year old. My husband, Tony, is my best friend. He is the most wonderful, supportive partner anyone could ask for. Together we are dog parents to two sweet small breed pups, Puff and Farnsworth. My husband and I enjoy quiet time at home with our dogs, gaming side by side at our double computer desk, playing disc golf together, traveling, going to concerts, and spending time in nature with each other. Some of my personal favorite things are cooking, baking, gardening and yoga. I would consider myself a progressive, and I enjoy supporting causes I believe in. I eat a vegan diet and try to do the least harm I can to all other beings. I believe in equality, feminism, and environmentalism. More than anything I believe in self improvement, open mindedness, learning and growing as a person.