About Kayci

Updated: 11/25/2019

My name is Kayci Stanley and I am a ceramic artist and craftsperson. I consider myself an artist because I have a passion for making beautiful decorative work, and a craftsperson because I put a lot of time and effort into creating functional pieces with a purpose.  I’m a pretty serious and purposeful person, ever trying to improve. I have a drive to create and a hope that my work brings happiness to others through it’s beauty, whimsy, and charm.

I earned a bachelors degree in Art with an emphasis in Ceramics from Central Michigan University in the fall of 2009. Since then I have been doing my best to continue working on my art and craft. It has been a rocky road for me pursuing my love of art and craft as an adult, but I have never lost my desire to make a career out of the things I am most passionate about. My mindset is that if I never give up, I will only continue improving.

As far as my personal life, I am a very happily married 30 something. My husband, Tony, is my best friend. He is the most wonderful, supportive partner anyone could ask for. Together we are dog parents to two sweet small breed pups, Puff and Farnsworth. My husband and I enjoy quiet time at home with our dogs, gaming side by side at our double computer desk, table top games (lots of D&D), playing disc golf together, going to concerts, and spending time in nature with each other. Some of my personal favorite things are cooking, baking and gardening. I’ve also recently took on the role of dungeon master and started collecting polyhedral dice sets, really embracing the geeky nerd I am these days 🙂