I have made some candles ;D They’re for sale here!

In my previous post I talked about how I had some glaze defect problems with my last firing. The glaze defects made these otherwise beautiful pieces not food safe. Thankfully my mom gave me the great idea to make candles out of them instead. Turn the lemons into lemonade if you will, and cute lemonade at that 🙂

I love how these candles turned out and I’m sure I will continue to work on my candle making skills in the future. They are made of soy wax. Some of them are scented with essential oils and some are unscented. I think this citrus scented one is my favorite in both looks and scent.

Besides the candles I am currently working on some shot glasses and drinking cups for the Cheeseburger in Caseville festival. The plan is to set up a little stand at the Wooded Island Sports Grill like last year. I will be there selling in the afternoon/evenings on the 17th, 18th and 19th next month. Hopefully the shot glasses I’m working on will turn out, but no matter what I have some great pieces I’m hoping to find new homes for 🙂 I’ll put out more info as the festival gets closer. Thanks for the support and much love <3

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