Cheeseburger in Caseville 2017

Yesterday we returned home from our working vacation at the Cheeseburger in Caseville festival. My husband and I took our two little dogs up to the thumb of Michigan with us this time. We stayed in a little camper set back in a wooded area right in Caseville for the festival.

Our little Farnsworth enjoying the lake air coming in from the Marina.

The dogs loved staying in the woods for a few days, as did my hubby and I. We were even able to make ourselves some veggie cheeseburgers, Boca burgers over the fire with Daiya cheese melted on top 😉 It’s nice to get away, even when it’s not all play 🙂

Right before we left I was able to run a glaze firing. I’d say it went better than previous firings. I am getting know my kiln better and the firings are improving. I was able to snap a picture of my favorite little cup before it was packed up and sold.

This little cup turned out pretty nice 🙂

For the second year in a row I was lucky enough to be able to set up and sell my work at the Wooded Island Sports Grill. We came to town with five boxes of my pottery and went home with only two. I’m so thankful to everyone that picked up some pottery from me. It was nice to get some practice selling and hear what people thought about my work as well.

Me, selling some pots 😉

Selling some work means I have room on my shelves to make more and some money for supplies. I’m pretty pumped to move forward and I’m working out some new ideas. I’ll continue sharing as ideas become reality. Instagram is where I stay most up to date on the happenings in my studio if you’re interested. Again, thank you to all who stopped by, bought some work from me and support what I do. Much Love <3

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