Piggy Bank Preview

Hey there people 🙂 I have 9 piggy banks going up for sale on the webstore today at 12:00pm est. I just thought I’d make a little post previewing the work incase anyone is interested. So without further ado, here’s some piggy pics.

I am so happy with how this batch turned out. I tried to do more sculpting and play around with the angle the pigs are standing at. I am so digging how the new eyes have turned out and I just feel like overall this batch has so much more character than before.

I also wanted to mention that we’ve changed things on the webstore so that everything ships for free now. We had been having too many issues with figuring out shipping and decided to try a new approach.

I will be working on more piggy banks, including some that are in the dry green ware stage but haven’t made it into the kiln yet. So if you don’t get to pick one up this time around know that I will be making more. I have been playing with some ideas for other animals and “creature” banks that might make it through the creative process soon as well.

The other main thing I plan on focusing on moving forward is planters. I have personally been getting even more into houseplants lately, as many of us have. I made some prototypes for planters with drainage holes and saucers underneath that I’m very pleased with. I’m excited to explore this further at my own slow tortoise pace. 🙂

Huge thanks to anyone out there that is interested in my work and throws that love and support my way. It really means the world to me, Thank You! <3

Barrel Fired Pot Giveaway Winner…

And the winner is… Travis H! I have sent Travis an email and look forward to getting this lovely pot out to them. Big thanks to everyone that entered the giveaway! Just a gentle reminder that I do have many lovely barrel fired pieces for sale in my web store if you didn’t win and are looking to get a piece for yourself 🙂 Happy Holidays everyone!

Barrel Fired Pot Giveaway! (and some piggy bank seconds)

I think the world feels very heavy right now. This past year has been a continuous series of struggles and worries. I’ve been doing my best to focus on the positive though, and in the spirit of positivity I thought it would be nice to give away a piece of my pottery. I picked a piece of barrel fired work I particularly like to giveaway.

If you’d like to enter to win this piece just enter your name and email into the giveaway tool below and click to enter the giveaway. Giveaway is open to residents of the United States. One entry per person and I’ll be randomly picking a winner December 9th. I decided to go simple for entries this year, but if you’d like to follow my Facebook or Instagram I would really appreciate it! Likes and shares always help too 🙂

I’ve also been doing my best to make the the best of things lately. So I’ve decided to sell off a few of the piggy banks I’ve made that have some minor defects. These piggy banks are up for sale on my web store labeled *seconds*. A couple of them have been sitting on a shelf in my house for a while and one is from this most recent firing. They’re all really cute, they just have some surface cracks. If you’re interested check them out, they’re up at a cheaper price because of the imperfections. Shop

I’d like to throw a big thank you out to people that have picked up my work lately! Thank you to everyone that has liked and shared from my social media as well! Your support means a lot. Much love people, hang in there. <3

Things are Weird Right Now, I Made Some Pottery

New Work! I finished a few new piggy banks and there are a bunch of new mugs for sale. I also took the time to split up all the pairs and sets I had posted into individual items for sale. There’s some cool stuff to check out 😉

Things are really weird right now and it has honestly been nice for me to be able to continue working from home at my own slow pace. I’ve been trying not to push myself too hard, because my mental health is much more manageable that way. The world seems very overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost in anxiety at the moment, so having ceramics to work on and lose myself in instead has been helpful.

I started doing a lot more glaze testing lately and it’s totally paying off.

Test tiles from a recent firing. I use these to get an idea of what different glazes look like layered on top of each other.

So much inspiration to pull from, I have a good time playing around with different combinations. I’m building up quite the collection of test tiles, and I think it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve been refining the shape of my mugs for a while now and it feels like I’m onto something nice. I’m seeing improvement in making multiples as well, which is something I never thought I’d be so into doing. It feels like things are coming together more as far as my style goes, which is encouraging to me.

These two glazing styles in particular are something I will be playing around with more in the future.

I made 5 new piggy banks this time, and one is already sold. I originally had 6, but I broke the ear off one one while cleaning it up before bisque (oops!). These things are so much work to make, but they always make me smile when they’re done. I’m glad they make others smile too 🙂

I have 6 hanging planters, that still need the hanging part added to them, that came out of these most recent firings also. My normally slow, tortoise pace, is even more laid back at the moment, so I appreciate the patience. I really like the way the hanging planters turned out and I’m looking forward to finishing them up. I’d imagine in another week or so I’ll have those up for sale too.

So yeah, I’m going to keep working at stuff and posting on my instagram and facebook when I think it’s worth sharing. Hopefully I’ll start making new stuff for a barrel firing soon. Thanks so much for checking out my work. Stay safe and take care <3

Making Room for New Ideas Sale

I’m starting the new year with lots of sales on my older work. I marked off at least a few dollars on most of my older work, check it out in the shop 🙂

Going through my inventory I also realized I had a few pieces floating around that were not listed for sale online. A couple of vases I had refired for better glaze results and a lovely pit fired piece from our first pit firing are back on the store now.

I’m doing my best to get back at it after stressful holiday season. I don’t know the last time I’ve felt this drained. As a big introvert with social anxiety, all these social gatherings and socializing take a lot out of me. Don’t get me wrong, spending time with family and friends is really nice, but my battery is near empty. I’m ready to get into a routine again, be creating again, and recharge.

Fall Barrel Firing

Somehow this whole summer slipped away before I was able to get the rest of the pots, that I had ready to barrel fire in the spring, through the process. This past weekend my husband and I packed up the barrel and burnt it down to great results. All the new pieces are up for sale here.

I took some pictures, documenting the process a bit, that I have to share too. If you’d like to know how I create my barrel fired pots here’s a step by step.

My barrel fired pieces start off at the wheel like all my work. Here is a link to a video I shared on Kayci Stanley Ceramics facebook page of me throwing a pot for the barrel firing. After the piece is thrown and dried up a bit I clean up the bottoms by hand and add my initials. Some pieces get burnished and some don’t, here is a link to another video on my facebook page showing me burnishing a pot.

Once the pots are completely bone dry, to prepare them for the barrel, I put them through a very low bisque fire to cone 018 in my electric kiln.

That terracotta was so orange after the 018 bisque!

After the pieces are bisqued sometimes I wrap old scraps of wire around them in random patterns, wrap them in dried sea vegetation, or wrap them with (dried) sea salt soaked cotton fabric or string. If I have done any carving in the pieces before hand I usually fill in the carving with underglaze before the firing as well.

Once the pots are ready we get the barrel ready. My husband is forever the tinkerer, always making improvements. We started out firing in a straight burning barrel, he put some holes in it to help the air flow.

Our barrel fire last summer (2018)

This year he added a door in the bottom to help us light it more efficiently and a smoke stack up top to help keep the heat in and smoke us out less.

Barrel (2019)

To stack the barrel my husband gathered a bunch of branches and sticks that had fallen off the trees in our yard. He also chopped some larger logs that we had into more manageable pieces. We used the sticks and the logs to stack up the bottom third of the barrel, leaving room to start a fire by the door.

On top of that we put a little saw dust, a layer of newspaper, and a thicker layer of saw dust on top of the newspaper.

I mixed into the saw dust a mixture of copper carbonate and salt, along with some dried sea vegetation and walnut sawdust. I’ve put nails and other scraps of metal, coffee grounds, banana peals, and grass clippings into this saw dust layer in the past. This layer of sawdust is the bed the pots lay on, so whatever is put around the pots here will create the atmosphere in the barrel that results in the surface decoration on the pots. I’m still experimenting with adding different things to this layer and seeing what I get. I think all this sea vegetation caused more orange this time around and made some lovely patterns on some pieces. I know nails have left pretty rings in the past and coffee grounds create a rich brown color.

Once the sawdust bed is ready the pots go in. I try to give them room. I don’t like to crowd them too much.

We covered the pots with a little more newspaper and sticks.

Last we topped it all off with sticks and logs.

Tony started a fire with sticks and leaves and paper inside the door at the bottom of the barrel. It took a while to get the fire to spread throughout the barrel, it always does.

After the fire was cooking, we closed the door and let it burn down. It smoked the rest of the afternoon and died down into the evening.

The following day we were able to go out and open it up once things had cooled down. I carefully pulled the pots out of the barrel and wiped them off. I then applied a thin layer of protective wax on the outside to finish them.

We’re getting better at this process. There was a lot of color in this firing, purples, reds and oranges. I’m happy with the results. We won’t be able to do this again until the spring, but I think we’re both looking forward to experimenting more.

I always find myself picking a favorite from every firing and this piece has caught my eye this time.


Wine Cup Restock

I have been making wine cups again. I think this batch turned out pretty alright, and there were definitely a few that I’m really stoked about. You can find them for sale here. I’ll post a few pictures of my favorites below. I’ve been playing a lot with throwing lines, and working with altering pieces a bit too.

One cup from a pair I altered the form on. I’m interested in exploring this more, it feels really comfortable to hold. https://kaycistanley.com/product/pair-of-glittery-dark-brown-wine-cups-1/
I tried out Amaco’s Cosmic Tea Dust glaze on a few pieces this firing and found out how sparkly it is from start to finish. It’s pretty cool. B) https://kaycistanley.com/product/glittery-brown-wine-cup/

With the weather turning cold again I think I’ll be moving my clay and glazes back inside for the winter soon. My hubby and I are hoping to better winterize my studio space this year, so hopefully things will be a little warmer when I’m working out there in the cold months ahead.

I’m enjoying working on these multiples, which kind of surprises me because making multiples was something I use to hate doing. I’ve been finding the repetition kind of nice lately though, and have plans for smoothing out the process and getting better consistency. I think next I’ll be working on more mugs, bowls, and piggy banks. If the weather doesn’t get too cold I’m hoping to finally get in that second barrel firing I had planned for this year. We’ll see what happens I guess. Thanks for reading, much love <3

Back to Normal

Phew! I’m starting to feel back to normal after a couple weeks of high anxiety. I just finished fixing my inventory on the web store. I took down everything that sold over the weekend. It’s nice that all my work fits into the cupboards I store it in again. I can tell I need to start making more, which is cool with me. I always have ideas I want to get to. I need to work on more wine cups and beer mugs. There are pots ready to be barrel fired sitting on my counter, and I have corks that are waiting for more piggies. Of the 12 piggy banks I brought to sell at the show I ended up with only one that came back home with me. This little guy’s the only one I have left for sale right now.


I’m so relieved and proud that the show went as well as it did. There was a steady stream of people there all day. I was able to snap a few pictures, but didn’t have time to really capture it all. It sounds like the rest of the artists and craftspeople that showed enjoyed themselves and sold a lot of work too. We’re definitely in talks for doing this again next year. I’m ready for a break now though, and some time back at the wheel. <3

Me selling, towards the end of the day.
Parrot Feathers 2019
Parrot Feathers 2019
Parrot Feathers 2019

Parrot Feathers was a Big Success!

The show went great and I sold a lot of work. My current inventory in the store needs to be adjusted, and I will get to that tomorrow after I get home. A lot of what is in the store right now was sold, but I need to get back to my computer to update it completely. Sorry for any inconvenience. I’ll be updating more soon. <3

Parrot Feathers Art and Craft Show Tomorrow!

Well, after many months of work and preparation Cheeseburger in Caseville is here and tomorrow is our Parrot Feathers Art and Craft show. Not going to lie, I’m pretty nervous. Anxiety is very normal for me, but this last week or so it has up there. I’m ready to go though, a little more packing this morning and we’re on our way. I went through and priced all my work with price tags made from my business cards a few days ago. I think it looks great and makes me feel kind of professional 🙂

It’s always a little fun to get all the inventory I have out and go over it again. I have some really nice stuff 😉 I was able to get a few more piggy banks made to bring up with me, that makes a dozen total. I had the extra room in my last glaze firing to refire those 3 vases in the top photo too. I’m usually not one to refire a piece, but they had such nice shapes and i just wasn’t super pleased with the glaze after the first firing. I gave it a shot and all 3 are way better the second time around. Perhaps I should give refirning a try more often.

I digress, the show is tomorrow and behind all the nerves I’m excited. There are a lot of great artists and craftspeople selling along side me whos work I’m looking forward to checking out, and probably purchasing as well. I hope we get a good turn out and it all runs smoothly. Wish us luck! Hope to see you there <3