Piggy Bank Preview

Hey there people 🙂 I have 9 piggy banks going up for sale on the webstore today at 12:00pm est. I just thought I’d make a little post previewing the work incase anyone is interested. So without further ado, here’s some piggy pics.

I am so happy with how this batch turned out. I tried to do more sculpting and play around with the angle the pigs are standing at. I am so digging how the new eyes have turned out and I just feel like overall this batch has so much more character than before.

I also wanted to mention that we’ve changed things on the webstore so that everything ships for free now. We had been having too many issues with figuring out shipping and decided to try a new approach.

I will be working on more piggy banks, including some that are in the dry green ware stage but haven’t made it into the kiln yet. So if you don’t get to pick one up this time around know that I will be making more. I have been playing with some ideas for other animals and “creature” banks that might make it through the creative process soon as well.

The other main thing I plan on focusing on moving forward is planters. I have personally been getting even more into houseplants lately, as many of us have. I made some prototypes for planters with drainage holes and saucers underneath that I’m very pleased with. I’m excited to explore this further at my own slow tortoise pace. 🙂

Huge thanks to anyone out there that is interested in my work and throws that love and support my way. It really means the world to me, Thank You! <3

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