Things are Weird Right Now, I Made Some Pottery

New Work! I finished a few new piggy banks and there are a bunch of new mugs for sale. I also took the time to split up all the pairs and sets I had posted into individual items for sale. There’s some cool stuff to check out 😉

Things are really weird right now and it has honestly been nice for me to be able to continue working from home at my own slow pace. I’ve been trying not to push myself too hard, because my mental health is much more manageable that way. The world seems very overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost in anxiety at the moment, so having ceramics to work on and lose myself in instead has been helpful.

I started doing a lot more glaze testing lately and it’s totally paying off.

Test tiles from a recent firing. I use these to get an idea of what different glazes look like layered on top of each other.

So much inspiration to pull from, I have a good time playing around with different combinations. I’m building up quite the collection of test tiles, and I think it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve been refining the shape of my mugs for a while now and it feels like I’m onto something nice. I’m seeing improvement in making multiples as well, which is something I never thought I’d be so into doing. It feels like things are coming together more as far as my style goes, which is encouraging to me.

These two glazing styles in particular are something I will be playing around with more in the future.

I made 5 new piggy banks this time, and one is already sold. I originally had 6, but I broke the ear off one one while cleaning it up before bisque (oops!). These things are so much work to make, but they always make me smile when they’re done. I’m glad they make others smile too 🙂

I have 6 hanging planters, that still need the hanging part added to them, that came out of these most recent firings also. My normally slow, tortoise pace, is even more laid back at the moment, so I appreciate the patience. I really like the way the hanging planters turned out and I’m looking forward to finishing them up. I’d imagine in another week or so I’ll have those up for sale too.

So yeah, I’m going to keep working at stuff and posting on my instagram and facebook when I think it’s worth sharing. Hopefully I’ll start making new stuff for a barrel firing soon. Thanks so much for checking out my work. Stay safe and take care <3

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